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Power Keys for Power Skills

I'm sharing a model I've created for developing "Power Skills". As many of you know, I'm particularly interested in the topic of power, the most simple definition of it being "the ability to influence an outcome". All coaching—especially executive coaching—is an exploration of power. Whether the goals are more influence or impact to better implement your vision; up-leveling communication skills; increasing engagement, motivation, and retention; handling conflict; accessing the illusive ingredients of "executive presence"; increasing emotional intelligence to optimize the discretionary effort of each employee—it all comes down to cultivating. more. power. Not in a power hungry way, but in a way that enables us to be in service of our values, work, and vision for the world. Think Martin Luther King Jr., not so much Machiavelli.

So here is my new assessment tool when I coach executives: which power keys do they already have? Which come easily? Which keys need to be extracted, invited, cut anew, or could use a little polish?

We use this as a supplemental tool as we move through the assessment phase and design a coaching plan.

If the power keys resonate for you, book a complimentary 30 minute conversation and let's find out if 1. I can be of service and 2. if we are a good match.

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