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Wanted to share more about the model that I’m weaving into my coaching practice: POWER KEYS for POWER SKILLS. Specifically, why do I have such an interest in POWER? I could write a tome, but here's a snapshot for now:

• IT’S ENLIVENING. Call it agency or source; dynamism or capacity, influence or potential. , having a hand in making things happen is enlivening. It’s the opposite of powerlessness, which can be traumatic and deadening.

IT REFLECTS ENGAGEMENT WITH LIFE. See someone powerful doing some stuff? Chances are they are engaged and motivated. These people are fun to watch, and be around. They have hustle, depth, insight, vision. It’s part of why I love coaching executives and learning from how they process, reflect, explore, and decide.

TO CLARIFY, I’M THINKING MLK JR. POWER, NOT MACHIAVELLI. Or Judge Judy. I doubt I would have enjoyed hanging out with Machiavelli, who I associate with nefarious, duplicitous behavior. But MLK—I feel his vibration through my entire being when I listen to his recordings. He transmits power still through voice and words, vision and commitment.

POWER IS A WAY TO BE SEEN FELT HEARD As a child and a teen, I felt powerless. Afraid to speak or to be seen felt heard. At the same time I wanted nothing more than to be seen felt heard. This is a very human desire to engage, connect, and participate that most of us have—at work and while pursuing vision, as well as in our personal lives.

WE UNBIND OURSELVES AS POWER GROWS I feel curiosity, fascination, thrill, as I witness clients become more powerful—sometimes through subtle shifts and quiet discernment; a one degree rudder adjustment; a reframe or insight. Sometimes it’s more marked: releasing shame, sharpening strategy, deciding on bold action. It’s all gorgeous. Unbind. Unbind. Unbind.

Power Keys for Power Skills is a model / assessment / intervention tool in progress. An attempt to organize half a lifetime of study. Gratitude to so. many. teachers. who have shared their keys, without whom this world would be very confusing.

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