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Develop leadership agility

Refine personal power

Inspire trust and synergy

Strengthen relationships

Navigate career challenges

Improve leadership communication


Desire is motor. What do you desire for your leadership style, teams, company, relationships? Through transformational coaching, I support you with navigating career challenges, improving leadership communication, strengthening relationships, and accessing personal power for authenticity, magnetism, and executive presence. Outcomes include increased influence and impact so you can motivate, engage, and retain employees while implementing your vision.


I facilitate progress through: simple, open ended questions; direct, precise reflection; compassionate forthrightness; blindspot recognition; optimization models and paradigms. The majority of sessions are talk-based. I offer somatic tools to complement our work.

With extensive studies in modern western psychology, neuroscience, yoga psychology and philosophy; I draw from a dynamic, powerful toolkit to find just the right tool or framework to offer, and customize it to meet your precise needs. I have boundless curiosity for the science of emotional intelligence, and seamlessly integrate the teachings of several disciplines to facilitate acumen and alacrity with EQ. If increased team health is a goal, I am available to work with your team to build trust and relational health.

My credentials: I hold an MS in occupational therapy (OT) from San Jose State University and a BA in English Literature from Barnard College, Columbia University (cum laude). I am a licensed occupational therapist (OT/L) with specialties in mental health and group dynamics. As an authentic relating facilitator, I have  expertise in interpersonal and group dynamics. I have 800+ hours of yoga teacher training with eYT certification, and incorporate embodiment work to facilitate authenticity and executive presence. As a transformational and Positive Intelligence coach, I summon and integrate all of these tools to facilitate advanced leadership skill development.


Contact me to determine next steps. I look forward to hearing from you!

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