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Sunset Romance

Tfor2 is for the ultimate team:


Explore emotional intimacy

Lean into your relationship's truths

Express effectively, strengthen connection

Approach challenging topics with compassion

Create transparency and trust; communicate with grace

Tfor2 is for couples who want to journey deeper with emotional intimacy and improve communication. Based on T-Group—a structured conversation designed to sharpen emotional literacy and awareness of interpersonal dynamics— Tfor2  supports couples with sharing truths in ways that create and/or deepen connection.


My commitment is to provide and model tools to access presence, truth, vulnerability, so that you and your partner can navigate your relationship in an enlivening, connective way. This practice is beneficial for couples who are currently thriving and want to add a new tool to their relational toolkit, as well as for couples who are searching for ways to restore connection. 


Please note that if you are in crisis as a couple, T-for-2 will support you with communicating well, but is not a panacea. If you are considering a break-up, separation, or divorce--T-for2 is a tool that will support you in having honest, calm conversations about it. On the flip side of the same coin, if you are a flourishing couple considering progressing your relationship to the next stage (moving in, marriage, children, etc), Tfor2 is a tool to engage in mutual reflection and accelerate insight about commitment. 

Why Tfor2?

~Tfor2 creates a practice space for vulnerability and Presence.

~Tfor2 provides a portal to the present moment. When we can access the present moment, we can be present with ourselves and with each other. Within that presence, attunement, intimacy, and connection are possible.

~Tfor2 is akin to meditating in relationship. Instead of sitting in mindful awareness of just our own experience, we expand awareness to include each other and what exists between us.

~Tfor2 supports us with working with energy, instead of against it. We learn how to track what's alive within ourselves; what's alive within our partner; and how both are co-creating the relationship's dynamic.

Tfor2 and Libido

~For people with low libido, the tools you learn in Tfor2 may support accessing suppressed libido and recharge the battery of the ultimate communication tool: sex. By sharing candidly and being witnessed, attunement and arousal may come online. This is not a guarantee, as it may (or may not) happen —each person and each relationship is different. It will also depend on what other personal development you are doing. But what I know in my bones from lived experience: communicating truth and being seen awakens creative energy. And creative energy = sexual energy.

~For people with active and "healthy" libido, new levels and nuances of erotic energy may emerge.

How It Works

I will teach a communication process to effectively share our moment to moment experiences of each other, and the impacts they have. We each offer transparency of our experience, naming phenomenon that are rarely named, yet are the building blocks of relationship dynamics. During our sessions, I will at times be a participant and other times be a facilitator. We will collaborate to discover blindspots; name patterns; share vulnerability. We will slow down and watch how your relationship’s walls are built and melted. I will offer a powerful tool, model it, and teach you how to use it in service of your relationship, regardless of its outcome. You will explore precisely how your words and actions trigger emotional responses in your partner. We adventure through the co-created moments. We will NOT dissect the past; the past is allowed brief entry only when it is impacting the emotion of this here moment.  Instead, we will explore this moment, the one here right now, which is the only one that really matters.


The T stands for Truth. We approach the work with an understanding that each of us has our own truth. When that truth is accessed and expressed, then seen / felt / heard, emotional intimacy is available. Aliveness can emerge, and transformation can occur.

Tfor2 is for the couple that wants to turn toward the heart of their truth, and experience the crackle of its revelation. 


I recommend that the first session is 2 hours. 90 minute sessions are also available. While I recommend a minimum of 6 sessions, you may find that one is enough. If you are interested, please contact me here. on!

Is This Therapy? 

No, but it is therapeutic because of my training as an occupational (activity-based) therapist specializing in mental health. Tfor2 is a therapeutic hybrid of coaching and collective meditation. The emphasis is on deep diving into the present moment. My facilitation will include reflection, direction, coaching, and occasional (brief) psychoeducation to share the science of what's happening. There will also be some opportunity for processing, as well as doing complementary work and empowerment practices that are customized for your unique dynamic.

Can two people who are not a couple benefit from Tfor2?

Yes. Tfor2 is a modality for exploring closeness and relationship. You do not have to be a romantic couple:  friends, siblings, parent/child, and co-founders also benefit. Tfor2 is appropriate for any two people who would like to lean into exploring what—precisely—connects and divides them. Outcomes include healing, greater understanding and trust; personal and collective growth; improved, succinct communication about challenging topics; personal accountability.

Where do sessions take place?

Zoom or in person by special arrangement.



Tfor2 is a specialized form of T-group 2.0, which is an evolution of T-Group developed by Crystallin Dillon. I developed Tfor2 because it’s centered around a pair instead of a larger group. The practice focuses on you, your partner, and the dynamic “energy baby” of your relationship. Depending on what surfaces in session, I may offer optional empowerment practices for you individually or as a couple outside of our sessions.​​

If you are interested, I'd love to hear from you

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